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United States
Obsidian Trance is an independent narrative illustrator whose goal is to tell a story with the art in which he creates. His favourite theme to explore within his work is that of fantasy, which he depicts through characters of his own creation, dwelling in old-styled settings and environments that consist of magic and the like. Every now and then, he explores more modern day themes through depictions of more modern-looking characters and settings as well. His illustration is defined greatly through his attention to fine, complicated details, figure drawing, and colour usage—ranging from monochrome colour palettes to completely vibrant ones. One of his favourite illustration methods is portraiture.

He enjoys exploring different methods of approaching his work, such as compositions and angles, colouring methods, and drawing styles. His work ranges from simple portraits to full complex illustrations with interesting angles to characters.

As a creator, he enjoys character developing, world building, and story telling. Each story he writes consists of complex characters with detailed personality traits and backgrounds, and settings full of history and new concepts which he created himself, such as terms, languages, and the like. His story telling can be defined through his descriptive word choices and poetic flow, and in some cases, carries an olden-day vibe.

He aspires one day to finish his stories, complete with illustrations he made himself to acompany them, and put them into hardcopies for the world to see.
  • Listening to: Computer low hum, cars drive by and Rue on iPhone
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment
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  • Playing: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (just finished)
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea
Likely only able to speak from personal experience and opinion, there's so many ways to get to two places as someone gifted as or preserver to be an artist. Weathering the storms that come with it;personal and outer challenges and settling into complacency. It probably might mean the difference between someone that does it for the enjoyment alone or as a profession of some kind, but it's quite known how hard it can be. The first and biggest battle is finding your reason and motivation to continue. If not, we quit, we stagnate and settle where we know we could do so much more. No one can push you harder than yourself and disciplines, habits and practice keep many going. Just like anything we try and improve at. Doubt can be severe, off days can mount on top of it all and there's no easy way to make it out. Each person has that something that gets us through or maybe we make it out finally before that happens, fortunately.
Another is motivation by others. Or even discouragement. To me, honesty is the biggest thing that will help anyone, be it acquaintance of a peer, friend or family. If you can't be honest about their strengths and weaknesses, you're doing no better than them in their slump. You also have to be open with those willing to listen about where you need to improve; seeking a critique one-on-one before taking on a community of fellow artists. You HAVE to have a thick skin to hear what you don't like or want to or else you will never make it as a professional or even dare share your work with others. Failure, error, learning from it is where perfection comes from or at least the knowledge of it to reach your goals. Have a good support system that will build you up and also be honest; doesn't matter if an artist or not. Non-artists may not have technical skill or knowledge, but basics are often missed that anyone can notice or at least bring to mind.
To me, support is more than a like or fav, but someone that will tell me what I'm doing wrong if they spot it or I ask for their opinion. That helps me get better, just the same as someone liking a picture of my pizza I make doesn't make me a better cook. Even if someone is trying to do their worst in bringing you down, maybe what their saying is true as well, but believing you can get past and grow is going to outweigh any harsh words given.
There's also the truth that life situations may require doing something else rather than our passion. It's hard, painful, but that doesn't mean in those quiet moments, no matter how sparring, that time to create will do more than lamenting the days when having a whole or even half a day to devote to it.
Taking care of ourselves is most important of all. If you can properly put thought together or ruin your body to the point doing art is impossible, where the risks worth it? Again, like any sort of training/practice, we have to take care of the instruments that drive us or just like a machine, it will break down. Not maybe, will. Long hours devoted to art shows passion, but even that has its limits. Proper rest helps those trying to get in shape, so does it shapen up the brain at the same time. Diet plays an important role in brain function, the central unit that our creativity sparks. If so bogged down by external forces that slow it down or diminish it, then likely things will be shortened various ways. There's so much more I could say and go into, but I think I've gotten out a lot of the thoughts I've considered myself and know of.

A lifelong endeavor is a winding road with the best and worst in store, yet anything can be said to be the same. Even if I feel like I've given up on something, I'm sure to devote myself to something else in its stead. That way, somewhere down the line, I'll come back to what it is I want to try at, be that a passion or hobby.


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